What the Cat Dragged In

What cat? Where? The mousery blog.


Well, I couldn’t help myself.. I found an angora buck. He’s clean and fine, checked out and everything. He’s rather adorable and his name is Angus McFee.

You can find out–and see a picture of him!–here: Angus McFee.

Also, Mr. Emo just passed away. Red was put back with Runty and they are getting along just fine.

We are working with Angus, Star, & Sunny in hopes of adding a couple of new litters soon.



I have the first pages uploaded, but no real information yet. I’ll be working on it, but still leaving the updates over here so this blog will stay up.


Please go there and check out the theme. Tell me what you think.

New Forum!

Wow, I didn’t think I would ever get it set up, but I did!



Also, I’ll have a whole site for this soon, so keep posted.

Almost Done!

I’ve been working all day–well, as much as I could with the internet acting up–and now the only section that isn’t completed is the entire About page and it’s subpages. At least the others are done though.

If you find any errors, like broken links, please leave a comment and say what URL it is on and what link is missing or wrong.

Working on…

This site again. I have the sub-sections of About up, but they have nothing in them. All I did was add them in the order I wanted them placed, but I haven’t copied the information over into the proper page.

Also, check out the Does and Bucks. They’ve been updated just slightly.

I still need to put a “Planned Litters” section in, which I’m thinking about adding to the Current Litters page. While we are on the subject, I have a couple of planned litters mapped out for around February!

Litter 2 Update.

I just noticed a little bit ago that all of the babies were gone from the upstairs. When I got to looking, they had all gone to the bottom and were either snuggled up with their nanny (Lucy), who just got to go back in with them a couple of days ago to let some of the stress off of their mother (Lilith), or eating! They aren’t even three weeks old yet, but they are running around, crawling up tubes, and even stealing food from their mother.

In other news, I came home after being gone most of the day to find a small doe no more than a month old, trapped in an old no-kill trap I had laying around. She was scared, but okay. Currently, she is living in our travel cage with plenty of food and water because she was rather dehydrated. It has been a whole day now since I found her and she is rather jumpy but looking better. She is also very friendly. Just another cute little wild mouse I couldn’t stand to see killed by a mouse trap or the cats.

Mousery Database Update — Let it Snow!

I updated the WCD’s database today (look on the sidebar, silly!) with pictures of the newest litter–L2. The babies have their eyes open and are so jumpy it really isn’t funny. They all had their pictures taken just to be put into the database. We did lose one of the peach boys (resessive yellow) this evening. The good news is there are still three more males that look the same along with one female.

The rest of my title is simple: I want it to snow! I have yet to see it happen this winter and it just sucks. We are currently one of many places under a winter storm warning and it should start snowing anytime soon, with any luck.